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 42UnresolvedUpdate to current prices incorretly updatng special price items.
 54CorrectedSerialized selection window throwing field not found when right clicking to view association information.
 55CorrectedMouseover of SO number on serialized editing window was throwing a field not found error.
 56CorrectedStock code category value not being displayed properly via the category lookup edit control.
 57CorrectedTransient scheduler dialog is failing to be created if the main scheduler dialog has already been displayed.
 58CorrectedAttempting to add a non-tokenized card to a customer record is throwing an AV.
 59CorrectedScheduler event window is saving the address tag rather than the actual address.
CollapseStatus: Closed (Continued on the next page)
 2VerifiedAlignment of navigation bars on customer window are displaying too low.
 3VerifiedFunction menu items on the customer information window are not enabled.
 4VerifiedPO receiving sessions cannot be unreceived if any serialized items were received.
 5VerifiedThe stock code field on the vendor codes tab of the vendor information window was not forcing upper case.
 6VerifiedCard token information not being pulled from card processing plugin for manually entered cards.
 7VerifiedLast modified image timestamp is being updated with local time instead of UTC.
 8VerifiedScheduler window shows events for all resouces after a refresh or upon second open of the window.
 9VerifiedError dispalyed during conversion regarding unknown field CCUpdateTokenMode.
 10VerifiedThe presence of a company or user default BCC was clearing any manually entered BCC value when sending the email.
 11VerifiedModification of some transaction tax settings is not triggering a recalculation ot the transaxtion tax.
 12VerifiedDirect import of .xlsx files was prohibitively slow.
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