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Atrex 20 Downloads

Documentation and Instructions:

The beta documentation is available here.  Please read this prior to downloading and installing the Atrex beta as it contains critical information that you need to be aware of with regards to the Atrex beta.

Program Files:

Build Number:
Build Date: 7/30/2021
AtrexInstall.exe - Full Atrex 20 beta installation (~70MB)
AtrexDBServer.exe - Atrex 20 database server engine. Search Atrex help index for "Network Setup" for instructions on client/server setup. (~13MB)
AWCInst.exe - Atrex 20 WooCommerce Import Utility (~17MB)
OSCInst.exe - Atrex 20 Zen Cart Import Utility (~16MB)
Topaz TL460 Plug-In - Topaz TL460 Plug-In (~5MB)